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Travelling Planer

On one of the old tool collecting groups in Facebook, Don posted an old planer that was available.  I have been looking for a suitable upgrade to my Dewalt portable and thought it might work for me.

Work done so far:

  1. Disassemble entire unit
  2. Brought motor to United Richter for evaluation
  3. Separated top and bottom sections
  4. Scrapped the provided cart and kept the handles and wheels
  5. Casting that will get painted was stripped to the metal
  6. All other parts were degreased, dried and polished with a brass wheel
  7. All 17 bearings were removed and inspected
  8. Buffalo Bearings provided 11 replacement bearings
  9. Realigned posts and adjusted chain tension
  10. Wired motor and switch
  11. Installed new 2 speed transmission
    1. Re-drilled mounting holes in casting
    2. Replaced roller height adjuster with new bar stock and tapped casting
    3. Extended drive chain
    4. Tapped drive gear (post for locknut was stripped)
    5. Modified drive gear
    6. Clearance chain cover for drive gear
    7. Filled with Napa synthetic gear oil
  12. Final adjustments and testing

Future Upgrades

  1. Power height adjustment
  2. Digital height display
  3. Electronic lockout in main circuit panel

How much was the new one again??? lol

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