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Buffalo Forge 418 Drill Press

Buffalo Forge 418 Drill Press

Scanning the local Craigslist one day, noticed a post for a barn cleanout.  Looked a bit closer, there was a rather large post mounted drill press in the background.  I asked the seller if he had any additional info and if it said “Buffalo Forge” on it.  Lo and behold, it was and I decided I needed to save it from the scrapyard.

My partner in crime, Dominick D. offered to help rescue this with me (miss you, buddy!).  This was in a barn I drove by for years near a new office park.  Proof, you just never know what you will find.

Unattached the drill from the main post in the center of the barn.  The owner said that last time his dad used it was about 60 years ago.  Surprisingly, I was able to complete dismantle the drill with a 6″ adjustable wrench.  There was some surface corrosion on the bare metal however there was no pitting and the only missing part was the table.  I kept the original board it was mounted to, cleaned it and sprayed a few coats of lacquer to protect it.  For the finish, I cleaned away the grime on the lettering and still had the original gold paint.  The rest of the drill was sprayed with Corrosion-X and then wiped down to preserve the metal and original paint.

Hope you enjoy!