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Arrrr…walk the plank!

I thought I would get caught up on some of my boat projects…

I got tired of balancing on the trailer when hooking up the boat so I made a wide plank.  Of course you can buy a bolt on version but that would be too easy…lol

It started out as an easy project.  A 6″ x 60″ piece of plate steel from the Metal Supermarket and a few holes…the project was going well until I went to apply the grit coat.  I picked up a can of GOOP Anti-Skid from Pep Boys and when I sprayed it on the top, it came out of the can in a stream.  I went to grab a brush to even the finish and by the time I came back, all the layers of paint had bubbled like I had applied paint stripper!  !@#$%^&*(  can is going back to The Boys…especially when I looked at the date on the bottom and it was from 2009!

Plan B – grind a rough surface and clear coat it…

Project 2 was an old paddle that didn’t fare well over the winter…I’ll add the final pictures after some sanding and finish.

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All Boat

Boat Dash Upgrade

Re-configure the gauges and accessories in the family StarCraft SS160 boat.  Used stainless steel to mount the gauges.

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