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She blinded me with SCIENCE!

For those that know me, I have had a long standing love of antique and old tools.  Many have been passed down from Grandfathers and Uncles.  Others I have pickup at sales or online auctions.  Most of them have one thing in common…RUST!

Countless hours have been spent in front of the wire-wheel or grinder trying to remove the age and make them usable.  I have heard about using electrolysis to remove rust and paint but have been skeptical.

I found an early Philadelphia spanner wrench at a job in Philadelphia in 1991 (used to open fire hydrants) that was still pretty crusted with limestone mud and rust.  I also had a couple old hand planes that I was unsure if I was going to restore or use.

After 3 hours in the electrolyte, here is what they looked like:

[foogallery id=”7756″]

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