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Pug VS Chair Coming soon ON PPV (Pug Play View)


This is what happens to a 1920’s chair when it is attacked by a rambunctious pug and is thrown across the room…

  1. Dry fit the parts to make sure I had all the pieces. With some painter’s tape, this only took an hour
  2. Using Titebond-III, each piece was glued, clamped and allowed to cure for a couple hours…one at a time
  3. The wood was brittle and dry so I decided to “flood” the end-grain of the parts with “hot” CA glue
  4. The dried glue was scraped off and the parts inspected.  Any high spots were sanded and feathered into the adjoining parts
  5. Using a cotton swab and some alcohol based stain, the areas where the original finish was removed were blended to match
  6. 6 light coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer were sprayed and immediately cured with a hair-dryer (light sanding in between coats)
  7. A couple coats of furniture wax were applied for added protection.

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