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Misc. Fabrication

Here are a few mini-projects that I spent way too much time thinking about:



I got tired of trying to drain the compressor and it had been awhile since it was done.  To keep the rusty water from staining the garage floor, I took it outside on the front lawn.  When I opened the drain, nothing happened.  I powered on the compressor to give it a little push and it finally opened up…at 120 psi!  It made a crater in the lawn and coated the bottom of the tank.

After a trip to Ed Young’s for some hardware and an old water bottle, the compressor now has a catch-tank.  Now, a quick open of the valve and any condensation is sprayed into the bottle.

img-20120819-00018 amherst-20120819-00019


img-20120819-00020 Take one garage sale find; a tiger maple drafting brush  and some rubber pond liner and now the brush can hang on the wall and didn’t require a hole in the handle.</>
img-20120819-00021 img-20120819-00022 img-20120819-00025


Take some aluminum screen, the metal shipping crate from a table saw, some leftover Ipe and a few lengths of Hardie siding and now the generator has a stylish house to stay out of the weather.  It just happens to be the same height as the grill and a couple of wheels makes it mobile…

img-20120831-00040 amherst-20120831-00041 amherst-20120831-00042 amherst-20120831-00043