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Lathe #4 – update

Main drive almost fully assembledGetting close to the finish line!  All the parts except for the main body have made it into the shop.  I am waiting for some cooler weather to finish grinding the body and do the paint.


Indexing Knob

I had to repair the indexing knob that broke during dis-assembly.  Such a small part I thought would be cheap to replace.  I checked the Delta parts site and was amazed they were still available…for a small fee of $95 !!!  After rummaging at the local Hector’s, I found a stove knob and a stainless bolt may work.  I cut the head off the bolt and filed a flat spot on the end for the set screw to push against.

Pulley closeupThe variable speed pulley is an interesting device.  After rebuilding the assembly and getting the center section to move freely, it runs smooth and true.  As the center moves left, the motor side increases in diameter and the lathe runs faster.


The handle was in rough shape.  The center bolt was bent and the cabinet
Fast and locked
was actually  caved in from excessive force on the adjuster.  After re-tapping the center shaft, painting the speed dial, grinding off the damaged steel and polishing the handle, it adjusts with little effort.  I added some rubber pool liner between the dial and the cabinet for better holding.
So far I have about 6 hours into the main body; the edges were all straightened and then beveled.  The faces were ground flat and the body lines were sharpened.

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