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Lathe #6

img-20121002-00117Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the details.  After a long day at work dealing with impossible people, demands and projects, I find it relaxing to own a project from start to finish with no limits and deadlines.

I acquired a Dayton barrel switch from a friend which I planned to install on the lathe to add the ability to reverse the motor.  This is usually an option on more expensive models.  Unfortunately, I found that it was a parts unit and half the parts had been removed.  I found another switch and saved it from the trash only to find out it was a much older model and the parts were not an exact fit.  Some work with the band saw and the old and new worked well.

Not wanting to add the switch to the outside of the lathe I made a quick stop to Metal Supermarkets and found some steel and aluminum stock to extend the switch lever.  Replacing the stock screws on the top of the switch with 2″ stainless screws installed backwards made an easy way to mount the switch.  On to the next project… WF

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