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Lathe #2

img-20120511-00117  Manual: WL3D IM, 1983

Like most of my projects, I am not satisfied with the status-quo.  This usually means the project develops as I am working on it.  After completely dismantling the lathe, I started planning the many upgrades to the original design; some to update, some cosmetic and some better engineering.

  • I was not happy with the fit and finish so the cast iron parts were re-shaped with a grinder and a belt sander.
  • The motor mount was not the original one so I made one to fit.
  • The upper v-belt requires the main shaft to be partially removed in order to change it. Rockler had the link belt on sale so I purchased enough for both belts.  I hope it reduces vibrations like they claim.
  • All the unnecessary holes in the base were filled.
  • The smaller support cabinet was wasted space.  I cut the front off and a metal frame with brackets was welded together.
  • Next: modify the front access panel to be a hinged door.

I still need to pick a color scheme…

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