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img-20121204-00011 I came across this beast of a drill at the flea market and the store owner gave me a price that was reasonable.  I spent some time dismantling and scraping the grease out of the bearings and case.

After using too many paper towels and spending too much time, I finally put the main motor over a bucket and used my MAPP torch to heat the case and interior.  After a few seconds, the 100 year old grease poured out like hot wax.


Once the surface grime was gone, the stamping in the case was readable.  After doing some research, here are the stats;

  • thor

# Four cylinders (2 on each side)

# Corliss valves

# circa 1905

In order to stand the drill upright, I chose a piece of Lockport Dolostone from my collection that came from the canal building in Lockport.  Now it is considered “ART” so do I hear $1000 starting bid????


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