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Granite Island…need more clamps!

granite-islandAfter changing the shop layout 5 times and collecting materials for over 2 years, I finally have a table saw extension table I like.  In order to maximize storage space, I dismantled the original table for this version.

The Granite slabs came from Buffalo ReUse and were buried in the snow when I found them.  I didn’t know what they looked like (didn’t really care given the price) until I got them home and removed the grime.

I happened upon the SteelCase drawer units one day just sitting by the road (even came with keys!).  Thanks neighbor!

The plywood used came from offcuts and the adjustable feet were salvaged from some mangled display units from the Walden Linen-n-Things that closed.  Next up is to finish the face frames and organize the contents…

Total cost: about $65 for materials (labor was “free”)


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