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Steel City’s 8″ Granite Deluxe Jointer with Helical Head – an exercise in patience.

An exercise in patience you say…why?  Perhaps it could be from the year and a half wait for it to be shipped from the California shipping yard / warehouse…  or perhaps the extra 2 hours to dismantle and then set up the factory aligned fence.

I had purchased the first 6″ Granite jointer two years ago.  When I heard they were upgrading the new version with helical cutter head AND 2″ thick granite tables, I had to have it.  I sold the 6″ jointer and saved the money until the new on came in.  A month later, I was let go from HS** and the cash from the sale came in handy; it was spent more times that I could count.  On Thursday, I got a call from Dick at Philipps Bros. Supply, Inc. asking me when I was going to get this jointer out of his way.  lol

I slowly drove the 2 boxes home as the main box didn’t fit into the bed.  I thought I could unload the boxes myself but when the 360lb box slid, I used my shin and toes to keep it from scratching the garage floor.  I decided to leave them on the floor and wait for help.

This morning, my kind neighbor Tom came over to help me move the cast iron and black granite main body to the basement.  Thanks Tom!

Setup went quickly until I put the fence on the jointer.  After I tightened the Fence Knob, I noticed the Fence Tilt Plate was not tight and the fence had 5° of tilt.  In order to get to the loose pivots, the fence assembly had to be removed.  In order to keep the pivots straight, I filed a small line into the pivot over the center-line for reference.  Once it was reassembled, the fence worked as designed.

While making final checks on the bolts, the supplied wrench snapped but thankfully, the soft steel case was there to protect my knuckles.  I guess that is what you could call a single use torque wrench!

Finally, the jointer was ready to turn on.  The unit was very quiet and using a slow feed rate produced a cut that was almost finish-ready.  Two items to be aware of; the first 10 minutes it was running, machine oil that coated the cutter sprayed everywhere and if you aren’t connecting to a dust collector, don’t install the 4″ dust chute as it will quickly clog and fill up.

Now what do I build next hmmmmm.  If anybody has any ideas, please let me know.

Video of Jointer powering on:  SteelCity 8″ Granite Jointer

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