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Here are a few mini-projects that I spent way too much time thinking about:



I got tired of trying to drain the compressor and it had been awhile since it was done.  To keep the rusty water from staining the garage floor, I took it outside on the front lawn.  When I opened the drain, nothing happened.  I powered on the compressor to give it a little push and it finally opened up…at 120 psi!  It made a crater in the lawn and coated the bottom of the tank.

After a trip to Ed Young’s for some hardware and an old water bottle, the compressor now has a catch-tank.  Now, a quick open of the valve and any condensation is sprayed into the bottle.

img-20120819-00018 amherst-20120819-00019


img-20120819-00020 Take one garage sale find; a tiger maple drafting brush  and some rubber pond liner and now the brush can hang on the wall and didn’t require a hole in the handle.</>
img-20120819-00021 img-20120819-00022 img-20120819-00025


Take some aluminum screen, the metal shipping crate from a table saw, some leftover Ipe and a few lengths of Hardie siding and now the generator has a stylish house to stay out of the weather.  It just happens to be the same height as the grill and a couple of wheels makes it mobile…

img-20120831-00040 amherst-20120831-00041 amherst-20120831-00042 amherst-20120831-00043

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Security upgrade for Shed

Had a freeloader woodchuck looking to move into the basement apartment under the shed…NOT!


My adversary





  • Ipe from Advantage Trim and some hardware cloth…


  • Kreg screws and NO glue.
  • Finish will be added another day…can’t fight the urge to sleep…    WF

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TV Bracket

I didn’t think it made sense to spend $75 to hang a $200 TV that weighs less than 10 pounds so I made my own.

With some .090 Aluminum left over from the Chimney Cap project, I made a square plate and drilled it with 4 – 1/4″ holes and a teardrop shape (slightly above center) to hang it.

After it was on the wall, I found I need to get a 90° coax connector.  Another thought I had was to make a wood frame to surround the TV and hide the wires and the gap between the wall and the TV.

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Garage Door Trim

After replacing the siding, windows, roof, doors, and every part of the exterior requiring maintenance, the only part left was the trim around the Garage Door. After picking up about $100 worth of Azek trim boards from LenCo, I made custom trim pieces.

Instead of using the standard rubber or vinyl trim to seal the door, I cut a groove in the Azek to hold 6 foot long sections of brush.  This seals just as good but does not stick to the door and is not affected by the cold.

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Siding, windows, UltraTouch insulation, Low-E housewrap and extras…

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Replaced the ugly siding with matching (almost) brick under the front windows.

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Siding replaced with brick

Replaced the siding on the front of the house with brick to look more uniform.

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