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Town of Lockport Military display cabinet

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Next project…long overdue!

Spent some quality time in the shop today without any distractions.  Used my recently created mallet to chop out some mortises.  Something calming about creating a useful piece from raw materials with nothing more than a picture in my head and a 70 pound beam of maple…

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Night Terror – Display Stand


After months of discussion, this project was finalized Monday night.  Why “Night Terror” ?  I had to get the materials, finalize the design, build and finish…in two days!!!  Mission accomplished at 3 AM!

Unfortunately, it has not been picked up yet however I finally had a chance to look at it in the daylight.   Given the finish was applied at 2 AM in the dark, it looked pretty good.

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Sports Wall 3000 #2

Doors clamped to table saw  Here is the second cabinet of 3…


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Part 1:


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Desk Wing

img-20120614-00200Needed to move the matching pair of monitors above my primary set.  20 minutes and some parts out of my stash and I have a sold support for the upper monitors.

The legs were originally over $100 a set however I found them in the Rockler bargain bin and paid $5 a set.  I used a Shultes level as a stiffener and I think it gives it an additional airplane feel.

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Pug VS Chair Coming soon ON PPV (Pug Play View)


This is what happens to a 1920’s chair when it is attacked by a rambunctious pug and is thrown across the room…

  1. Dry fit the parts to make sure I had all the pieces. With some painter’s tape, this only took an hour
  2. Using Titebond-III, each piece was glued, clamped and allowed to cure for a couple hours…one at a time
  3. The wood was brittle and dry so I decided to “flood” the end-grain of the parts with “hot” CA glue
  4. The dried glue was scraped off and the parts inspected.  Any high spots were sanded and feathered into the adjoining parts
  5. Using a cotton swab and some alcohol based stain, the areas where the original finish was removed were blended to match
  6. 6 light coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer were sprayed and immediately cured with a hair-dryer (light sanding in between coats)
  7. A couple coats of furniture wax were applied for added protection.

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Sports Wall 3000


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When you have 6 TV’s, it is not easy to find a cabinet to fit.  Options include old appliance boxes or warehouse pallet shelving.  Mark asked me if I could make a couple more TV stands ( ).


*** Side Note: I tried to save Mark some money so I went with the imported 3/4″ Cherry.   I was about $30 less however…you get what you pay for.  After cutting almost all the parts for the first cabinet, the last part completely de-laminated…on a Saturday of course.

It is nice to have patient and understanding customers.  They get a higher quality product and I get free “wood therapy”; oh and cash too 😉



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Porch Swing


I have been working on this for almost 3 years…2 years and 360 days thinking about it and 5 days to actually build it.  It would have been done sooner but I needed to find a different way to cut the mortises.  The first mortise splayed the corners of the mortise bit!

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The wood is Ipe from Advantage Trim & Lumber (talk to Jon).

Stainless hardware from Ed Young’s and Hectors on Harlem.

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30 Minute Table

We needed a small table for next to the bed.  After rummaging in the wood scraps, I had enough Maple for a base and some Cherry for the top.  Some sanding and Danish Oil finished it off.

Top: 12″ square by 3/4″ Cherry

Legs: 1-1/2″ square by 22″ long Maple.  The legs are tipped at 5 degrees.

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Cherry Mirror Frame

A friend of mine dropped off a heavy glass mirror that she wanted a frame for.  Using scrap Cherry, the mirror is wrapped in a 2″ cove and beaded frame and is less lonely.  It looks much better plus I can get it out of my shop!

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