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Bench Vise from Hell!

amherst-20130126-00341 While rummaging in my favorite “discarded paradise”, I found this bench vise tucked away in a corner.  I have never seen such a behemoth and thought  it would be cool to own.   After thinking about it for a couple weeks, I decided to see if it was still there. It was and I negotiated trading scrap and cash for it.

It appeared to have been outside for somflintstones-montagee time and most of it had seized up.  Three hours, a large mallet and a can of penetrating oil isall it took to separate the 2 halves.  I brought it inside to warm up and when it was next to my workbench, I thought it looked like the Flintstones car at the drive-in…lol

When it gets warmer, I will weld a stand for it and give it the WOODFORGE paint scheme…

Note: the small vise in the 3rd picture is a normal size vise!