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1950’s Buffalo Forge production Drill Press – Model 15M

Here is a 1950’s vintage production drill press made by Buffalo Forge.  This is a model 15M and according to Joe Silva, the full length cast aluminum hood is rare,

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Hello !
You won’t believe this (I don’t !) I was surfing last week about restoring the Buffalo No.15 Bench top and your beautiful machine caught my eye. I saved the photo of your red and alloy beast, and noted you mentioned it’s rare cast aluminum shroud. The next day I bought an “Old Drill Press” off of CL 4 mes from my childhood home. Show up….it’s a mint condition cast aluminum 2 piece hood…abit different from yours. Joe Silva said it’s ultra rare. ..he has only seen one other in 20 years of a customer in Buffalo (Joe restored it years ago) so is yours the second ? Me third ?! Crazy. Did you learn anymore history on the cast aluminum covers ? Please drop me a note ! Regards, Shawn in California

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for checking out my site. I think this is the first real message I have gotten in the comments section 😉

I don’t have any new info on the 15 or the Aluminum Hoods. I will check with Joe and see if he has anything in his archives and let you know.


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