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1939 Delta 24″ Scroll Saw

Delta used the same casting for years.  This is a Model 1200 Deluxe which is similar to the model 40-440.  It will take me some time to build it the way I want it and touch up the paint…just a little 😉  More to follow… 

Update 17-April-2014

After 7 weeks out of commission, I finally was able to start working on this saw.  Sure, the saw worked just fine when I got it however I wanted to inspect all the parts before I added it to the shop.

After smoothing out the casting with wire wheel and a 120 grit flap disc sander, I kicked around the idea of polishing the whole casting to a mirror finish however I decided to stick to the plan.

The paint started with 3 coats of Duplicolor Self Etching Primer.  I ran out so I will have to get some more tomorrow.

Update 19-April-2014

I know this is not the factory color but this is not going to be a restoration rather an updated version of an awesome saw.


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