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1937 Envirude Barn-find

Found in a barn in Youngstown, this outboard was destined for the scrap pile. Rinsing the barn dirt off started to expose the good condition of the motor. Dismantled the lower unit to inspect the gears and water pump which had minimal wear (after removing a substance I hope was grease…lol) despite their 83 years.

The project snowballed into a complete dismantle and next was the gas tank and head unit. Each part was lightly cleaned, inspected and set aside. The tank and carb needed a good cleaning but didn’t need to have any parts replaced.

Reassembled and added a 1/2 quart of TruFuel and checked for leaks. 3 pulls later, It ran for a few seconds and stalled. Noticed a leak in the fuel line connection to the carb and the water pickup tube needed to be secured to the water pump. A few adjustments and the second attempt ran until I turned off the fuel valve. On to the next project…