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1910 John Leckie, Limited, Toronto – Gimballed Compass

This is a gimballed compass, meaning it stays level while being tossed around at sea. Physicist Edward Ritchie was a well-known American compass maker who developed the first liquid-filled instrument in 1861. He was prolific, and the company he founded, Ritchie Navigation, is in business to this day. This instrument dates to somewhere between 1910 and 1920. John Leckie operated a netting and hardware business for commercial fishing between 1861 and 1908, and that business continues to this day under the name Leckie’s Lakefish Net and Twine.

Didn’t want to break the glass so I removed the drain plug and used the air compressor to push the glass out. I had never tried this and was surprised when it popped out with so much force my family heard it upstairs and thought something exploded!